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Unlocking opportunities along the mining value chain

WiMBIZ Webiste  (11).png
WiMBIZ Webiste  (11).png

Challenges in the Mining Industry

  • Limited support and information sharing relating to:

    • Information pertaining to available opportunities within the mining value chain 

    • Access to finance and funding opportunities

    • Knowledge of applicable mining related strategies and policies

  • Red tape within the large entities preventing emerging companies from accessing opportunities

  • Restrictive compliance requirements

  • Access to networks forming the bulk part of the procurement and supply chain

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Our Value Proposition

Our value proposition is categorized into the following three major focus areas:


Women in Mining

  • Compile and maintain a database of legitimate female-owned companies

  • Provide an eligibility criterion for interested participants to make sure they are a good fit/ready to participate

  • Provide support and /or mentorship to the members


Mining Institutions

  • Provide access to a credible database of legitimate local female-owned companies

  • Provide access to professional women entrepreneurs who are already in mining and those looking to venture into business in the mining sector


Government and Stakeholders

  • Provide an advisory role in the form of policy development and implementation support

  • Government-led initiatives for women in the mining industry

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